Fencing plays a pivotal role in protecting and securing your treasured property, as well as providing the privacy that you have a right to. A well-constructed fence provides the crucial security needed to keep your assets safe from criminals, who often strike when least expected.

Privacy and security are two of the most important aspects South Africans look at when buying a home. A professionally installed fence gives every homeowner that peace of mind they desire. Fencing, whether it is wood, chain link or wrought iron, will greatly increase your sense of comfort and sense of security at your home.

With high crime rates, South Africans are constantly under siege, making it essential to keep your home or business secured. Meanwhile, fences are vital for keeping wildlife inside game farms, livestock inside farms and beloved pets (and even your children) safely inside your property.

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Well constructed fencing

You should therefore definitely not compromise on the quality of fencing when you have to make a choice, no matter whether it is for your home, estate, business or game farm. There are various fencing options on the market, and property owners can ask themselves the following questions when deciding which one to build:

  • Is the fence being erected to keep pets and children within a set parameter?
  • Is the fence being put up in order to enhance privacy?
  • Do you want to boost your property value by erecting an expensive fence?
  • Have there been recent break-ins around your neighborhood and do you feel the urgent need to enhance your security by putting up a very secure apparatus?
  • Is the wildlife or livestock on your farm capable of breaking through a lightweight fence or will you need a strong fence?

You should also consider the required maintenance of your chosen fence. This is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Take into consideration that your fence will be exposed to natural elements such as bad weather and rust, which can eventually take a toll. Eventually your fence will need to undergo repairs at one stage or another.

Therefore, it should be your first priority to carefully consider all the options for fencing before choosing the one most suitable for you. Most people entrust this task to fencing specialists. Global Fencing specialises in top quality electric security fencing, game fencing, wall top fencing, palisades, gabions, industrial caging and access control, to comprehensively protect your property. The company is a respected expert in this field and strives to serve all their clients specific fencing requirements.

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Well maintained fencing

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The expertly trained staff at Global Fencing understands that property owners set up perimeters to guard their properties from various threats, and revels at the opportunity of providing the customer with highly professional service.

Privacy is also an important reason for having a fence. This becomes clear when you’re having a braai or relaxing at the swimming pool, when you really don’t want passersby seeing straight into your yard. A professionally installed fence would prevent intruding eyes and give one the privacy to relax in your own backyard, free from neighbours, people walking down the street or cars driving by.

When choosing a fence, make sure you take into consideration how high the fence must be to keep prying eyes out. High fences will go a long way in preventing intruders and burglars from entering your premises. Also consider an electric fence, which has been proven to be a very effective deterrent against burglars.

Lower fences on the other hand, may be best in contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Either way, be sure to enlist the help of a professional to erect the fence that will best suit you and your needs.

While security and privacy are certainly the top two functions of all home fences, design and creativity are also important considerations to some. With all the fencing choices available, South Africans who appreciate this aspect don’t have to sacrifice looks when boosting their security.

Global Fencing provides general maintenance on all kinds of fencing and cages. They also provide specialised labour training related to the building and maintenance of fencing. Building a fence is not a complicated construction project. Whether you build your own or hire a contractor, a little forethought will ensure you get the fence you want for the price you want to pay.